When words became content, I got worried. by Jann Sabin

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I’ve always loved words. When I was six, I would cut them out and paste them together in odd ways on little cards. I’ve worked with words my whole life, first as a teacher, then editor, reader for a literary agent and now marketing writer. I enjoy the challenge of 45 characters or a 1,000 [...]


Amaze someone and they won’t forget you. by Jann Sabin

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A few months ago, I went to a coding event at the Las Vegas Iron Yard. When I arrived, the presenter came over, shook my hand and said, “I’m Mike, and you are?” “Jann,” I replied, and took my seat with about fifteen others. This continued for about ten minutes until the room filled with [...]


Getting storytelling right. by Jann Sabin

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Most companies realize the importance of creating interactive customer relationships built around  stories. Frequently this takes the form of describing you to yourself. I’m guessing this is to show you that they understand you. These descriptions are probably based on research into who the customer is, or who the customer they hope to acquire is. [...]


Collection of posts

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HERE you’ll find an overview of posts for clients and online platforms including Huffington Post  


Why culture is your company’s single most important asset. by Jann Sabin

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If you’re in business, you’ve probably come upon articles recently that talk about the importance of culture. If you’re small, you might think it doesn’t apply to you. If you’re big, you might think you already “do” culture. No matter what your size, you might agree that culture is a nice concept, but today you [...]


Maximizing opportunities. by Jann Sabin

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It’s not unusual in business to be so overwhelmed by what we have to do today, that potentially big opportunities go unnoticed. These spots to take advantage of opportunities are generally fleeting. If you did note a situation, developing a strategy, getting it approved and executing, isn’t a quick or easy process. While remaining strategically [...]


Growth hacking: yes, no or maybe? by Jann Sabin

24.03.2014growth once upon a time

I’ve been reading a lot about growth hacking recently. The concept came to my attention because I’m exploring options for teaming up with a technology partner and I wanted to be sure I knew enough to make an intelligent decision. The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking by Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor is a thorough [...]


The moral of the story is, morals matter.

23.01.2014culture elevator doors

In the course of doing internal research for a client, we interviewed a high level executive at the company.  The next day, he called me from an airport.  I was not the person conducting the interview, but I was in charge of the project.  He was having second thoughts: the interviewer was very good he [...]


How to enable a big idea. by Jann Sabin

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One thing I’ve noticed consistently is that outcomes hardly ever get better with big teams. As a matter of fact, I’d say the more people in the room, the worse the final product or idea. This is especially true when an innovative solution is required. I think the reason is that it usually goes like [...]




I’ve always thought naming was vastly over-priced.  Companies get paid a lot for this, and therefore make it more complicated than it is. A monkey could do it, and I think the best company name is a naming company called 100 Monkeys. I’ve just renamed my company after 18 years.  I began as The Creative [...]