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When you think about it, we're all in the same business and that's experience delivery. Your culture and your stories are a crucial part of your experience. I help you identify and maximize your cultural traits and uncover your most meaningful stories. Then you're ready to implement your ideal experience across all channels.The one thing people remember about interacting with your product or service is the experience. Make it an amazing one on every level!

STRATEGIC SERVICES  { content audit / insight mining session / message and experience development / CX / social media maximization }

BRAND SERVICES  { brand strategy/ voice / persona / alignment }

WRITING SERVICES   { blogging / brand journalism / storytelling }


 I can develop a custom program that starts where you are and moves you to where you need to be.  Talk to me:  jann@brandbooster.com / 954.494.4011


The consequences of missing an opportunity to tell a true authentic corporate story are far-reaching.

Failing to tell a true story leads to these problems:

  • weak competitive strategy since you’re telling a generic story
  • skeptical unengaged employees since they know the truth, and they know if you’re not telling it
  • uncommitted price-sensitive customers since you’re just like everyone else to them
  • eventually loss of trust among all stakeholders

The company description and history isn't the story. Your valuable story, the one people will remember and repeat, comes from the anecdotes told by customers and employees daily. It's collaborative and ongoing and it needs someone to nurture and promote it always.

Finding and telling your true story is a powerful marketing tool . I can help you do that.

jann@brandbooster.com  954.494.4011