A theme gives context to your content. It’s just a few words, but they are critical in that they will guide your marketing direction. Each of the statements below are the result of our unique process for unearthing a company’s true and everlasting difference using employee input. Each statement also has many levels and layers of meaning to inform the story across all media and audiences.  In many cases, management and even products changed, but the statements remained relevant and core.


DHL International: After the FedEx merger, the company changed focus to solely international delivery.We managed the messaging for that change.  

Proving it daily.


AutoTrackXP: Location tracking software for law enforcement

No place but here.


Ultimate software: HR solutions to identify best candidates

Now you know.


Midtown Video: The company evolved from video rental and production to video integrators, yet they never changed their logo or positioning statement which remained relevant.

Video is our life.


Kaufman Rossin & Partners: We handled the recruitment marketing for South Florida’s largest accounting firm. This was the theme of the employer brand.

 Feel the difference


National Employee Leasing: Full administrative services for small businesses. They were the first in their market and one of the longest lasting in a field that quickly became very competitive.

 Right from the start.


Intelens Technology: Security software entering the U.S. from Norway.  We handled the marketing for their entry. This was the theme for the employer brand.

 No limits.


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