js short hair I tell the stories of companies, their customers and their employees. Ongoing conversations are possible in so many places and at so many levels. My goal is to get them started and keep them in action.

I’ve worked at three agencies over fifteen years moving from copywriter to creative director. In 2000 I started my version of a marketing company.It would focus on true branding and reflect that in all marketing and interactions.And it would recognize internal  communications as an important part of brand success.

My business model was based on no other agency I’d worked for. We did everything from scratch, including creating forms that were short and understandable. I’ve had several offers to buy Brandbooster from major competitors, but decided to keep doing what we were doing: be fair, be different, be great.

I’ve favored a hybrid way of working since 2000. With  collaborative tools, anything is possible. This is my favorite, most productive way to work. It’s called a “distributed workforce”, but basically is just opting for talent over location.