I’ve been a writer since I was five, when I’d cut out words and paste them on index cards. Today I tell the stories of companies, their customers and their employees. Ongoing conversations are possible in so many places and at so many levels. My goal is to get them started and keep them in action.


My first exposure to marketing was as a researcher. I was switched from research to junior copywriter where I learned about branding. We’d do an exercise where we’d imagine the product or company as a person and develop a personality for it (basically, brand personas). I wondered what it would be like to involve the client in the process. This  led me to develop Brandbooster insight mining sessions.Using diverse groups of employees, we uncover valuable input to understand the culture and core assets of the company and to guide and strengthen the message strategy. Companies of all sizes and industries have benefitted from these sessions.

I worked at three agencies over fifteen years moving from copywriter to creative director. In 1998 I started my version of a marketing company. My business model was based on no other agency I’d worked for. We did everything from scratch, including creating forms that were short and understandable.


My path has been from agencies, to me, to me and a designer, to me and lots of other people in an awesome office, back to me and the best people I can find all over the world. (The guy who worked with me on this site is in Poland). With Skype and collaborative tools, anything is possible. So far, this is my favorite, most productive way to work. It’s called a “distributed workforce”, but basically is just opting for talent over location.



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When words became content, I got worried.

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Amaze someone and they won’t forget you.

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Getting storytelling right.

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Why culture is your company’s single most important asset.

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Maximizing opportunities.

One of Medium’s top viewed writers.

Maximizes employee involvement in business results

Developed unique process for accelerated brand articulation and delivery

Joint presentation with client at the INTERNAL BRANDING annual event sponsored by the Advanced Learning Institute

Course on true branding for Second Wind to agency owners

Named Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association for work done for CIGNA Dental


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