Worked with Founder to develop messaging and copy for this blockchain startup. Website here.






Consulted for this ambitious undertaking to help women in Latin America. Many people were  contributing with the ongoing major work being done by Rick Lewis. I’m happy to have been able to help in some small ways. As time permits, I try to include pro bono assignments in my schedule.


The Sun-Sentinel was introducing a new local section, and saw this time as an opportunity to take a look at the position of the paper overall.  I conducted a BrandBooster session, and based on that delivered a brand persona and voice with tactical recommendations.

Then, we created materials for the new section.


AnswerQuest Executive Recruitment asked us to exam their culture and look for ways to maximize strengths and address weaknesses. Based on one mini-session, actionable recommendations were made.


As the first agency for this unique preschool, we had lots of exciting challenges.  The main one was making the school self-sufficient in all media which meant providing a plan to follow with the right templates to implement it.  We started with a message strategy.  After reviewing all current materials and competitors, we delivered a Marketing Plan Of Action for the school as well as a Strategy Plan for managing the  introduction of a new building. A new logo, and templates for newsletter and email announcements as well as mini-brochures to support school tours were all part of the fun.





We were excited by the confidence shown in selecting us to introduce DHL as an international carrier after the FedEx merger.  It was a complex project with a large footprint spanning the globe. The goal was to articulate the new DHL story and make the message simple and powerful.  After reviewing boxes of marketing materials from around the world used by DHL to that point, we interviewed the key people involved with the initiative.  Then we presented four concepts, each showing a different way to communicate the key message. The project was approved, executed and delivered before the due date.

The chosen theme was PROVING IT DAILY.


front cover back cover




DBTOnline was the nation’s leading provider of online public records for law enforcement, banking and finance. Ms. Sabin served as a retained consultant for the Director of Marketing attending monthly meetings and providing strategic advice. We kept up in a fast-paced environment conducting sessions to determine best business definition and potential product extensions, participating in development of the message strategy, and developing all marketing materials.

The company was acquired by ChoicePoint, a public company in Alpharetta, Georgia.




National Employee Leasing Company (NELCO) was an 18 year old company that provided back office services nationwide when they hired us.  Our task was to start from scratch and create a marketing strategy and materials that would allow them to take their services nationwide. Their goal was eventually to have franchises across the country. They grew to become a top-tier player in their industry with workers in 41 states. In 2008, they were acquired by CoAdvantage, a leading provider of human resources solutions.

We worked with NELCO for four years. Over that time, the project went like this:

Several BrandBooster sessions with carefully chosen employee groups to get a true picture of the state of the business.

Extensive competitive research and executive interviews.

Delivery and approval of detailed message strategy by audience.

Management held several events to roll out the findings and make sure everyone understood how they fit in to the future.  I trained a trainer to do these events for other locations as well as for franchise owners who came on board later.

The company promise that emerged from the sessions was “Right from the start”.  The company had been in a new industry from the very beginning and had always done things properly.

Marketing materials included:

new corporate identity design / brand guidelines manual / corporate brochures and sales materials / franchise development marketing materials / internal communication materials / B2B advertising


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Kaufman Rossin & Partners is one of Florida’s largest accounting firms. We worked with them on all of their recruitment and corporate marketing. The project featured here was a recruitment outreach to attract top candidates at all levels.

Here’s how we approached it:


brandbooster session / executive interviews / competitive analysis

Deliverable: Message strategy detailing the employee brand and marketing recommendations


brochure / ad campaign and media plan / trade show materials / text outreach to grads / online postings

The campaign, NOT YOUR TYPICAL ACCOUNTANTS, used real employees in all of the marketing.

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