Over a decade ago, we became the first marketing agency for Midtown Video, a systems integrator and video production company. After conducting a BrandBooster session,  we proposed the theme “Video is our life.”  It still applies today and still informs all marketing as well as being the rallying cry for the internal culture.  Over the years we have conducted research for planning purposes as well as development of marketing materials online and off.


midtow mailer


ChoicePoint, a public company in Alpharetta, Georgia provides data and analytics.  We introduced the flagship product of DBTOnline, a recent acquisition,  to the banking industry creating a much simpler and cost-effective approach than the company envisioned and generating more responses than they expected.

Also, we helped sort out ongoing brand design challenges.  The company had several products, and each were targeted to several markets.  We worked on the brand architecture overall, and the design guidelines by company and market.



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This Norwegian technology company provided security services accessible online for remote viewing.  We handled their entry into the  U.S. market.

The project began with research which included two BrandBooster sessions: one to gain insights for strategic positioning using employee input, and one with their developers to identify other opportunities for their software. A competitive analysis and executive interviews were also conducted as well as interviews with current and past clients. Then we were ready to put this information into a brand and message strategy and get the story out.

The deliverables included:

new name /new visual identity /brand strategy /internal communications /media strategy /development of sales and advertising materials

The company was acquired by Publishing Perfection.








Specialized Care Services, a United HealthGroup Company, hired us to develop their first corporate  brochure.  An input session was conducted with key executives.  Based on this, we developed a message strategies for approval. Then concepts for the new work were presented, and a finalized piece was developed.

We also worked with companies being incubated by Specialized Care Services. At this stage, there was no marketing department. Ms. Sabin worked with management to determine how to present and market the new product to ultimate advantage.


National Healing provides wound-healing services for hospitals nationwide.  They were growing fast and hired us to create a brand identity that reflected their stature. The process included an audit of current materials, a BrandBooster session to take advantage of internal intelligence in developing a strategic plan, competitive research and executive interviews.

When the message strategy and corporate identity were completed, a formal rollout was hosted off-site with the CEO as the “host”. Staffers from all locations were invited to learn about where the company and its marketing were headed, where they fit in, and what kind of company they were part of.

Materials we created included:

a Brand Guide to inform a dispersed workforce

a new corporate design identity including logo and signage

media plan and advertising

development of all sales materials


time has come

National Healing Corporate Brochure  (click here)



We began working with CIGNA Dental to develop materials to attract dentists to participate in their network.  Based on that work, we earned the opportunity to also create marketing materials for CIGNA Dental’s customers (companies) and users (employees of the companies).

The first step was a BrandBooster session to articulate the brand’s personality and voice across channels. The findings were rolled out using this poster.