I’ve always thought naming was vastly over-priced.  Companies get paid a lot for this, and therefore make it more complicated than it is. A monkey could do it, and I think the best company name is a naming company called 100 Monkeys.

I’ve just renamed my company after 18 years.  I began as The Creative Department USA which was a descriptive term for what we did…..become your creative department, but also apply creativity to all endeavors. Creative Department was already taken, so I added the USA. Then I dropped the “The” in order to be ranked higher in alphabetical listings. So CreativeDepartmentUSA it was. This name seemed to be a hard one for people to remember. Then, after I developed a process I called BrandBooster, I noticed that people were using that more than the company name. I felt a new name was in order, and  BrandBooster seemed to already have some traction, so why over-complicate things. I decided to go with where I  already was in my current clients’ minds.

If you have something to name, pick some letters that are available, and that’s the hard part.  I bet “ersod”, letters I just blindly typed, is taken. Wait… I just checked and it’s available!  I offer you gratis this available name!  Or pick a word that “feels” like your company. That should do it. Save your $30,000.