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Getting storytelling right.

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Most companies today realize the importance of creating interactive customer relationships built around a story (hopefully an authentic one). Their way of doing this frequently takes the form of describing you to yourself. I’m guessing this is to show you that the brand understands you. And these descriptions are likely based on research into who [...]


Growth hacking: yes, no or maybe?

24.03.2014growth once upon a time

I’ve been reading a lot about growth hacking recently. The concept came to my attention because I’m exploring options for teaming up with a technology partner and I wanted to be sure I knew enough to make an intelligent decision. The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking by Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor is a thorough [...]


The moral of the story is, morals matter.

23.01.2014culture elevator doors

In the course of doing internal research for a client, we interviewed a high level executive at the company.  The next day, he called me from an airport.  I was not the person conducting the interview, but I was in charge of the project.  He was having second thoughts: the interviewer was very good he [...]