Amaze someone and they won’t forget you. by Jann Sabin


A few months ago, I went to a coding event at the Las Vegas Iron Yard. When I arrived, the presenter came over, shook my hand and said, “I’m Mike, and you are?” “Jann,” I replied, and took my seat with about fifteen others. This continued for about ten minutes until the room filled with 30 attendees more or less.


Then we started the overview of Java. But first, Mike said, “I just want to be sure I got all of your names,” and he proceeded to go around the room and name every single person! I couldn’t even remember his name at that point, but now I won’t forget it. It was like a magic trick!


How could he do this? I was truly amazed. I couldn’t stop being amazed throughout the entire event. I have no idea what particular skill that took, but I do know I don’t have it. I hoped it wasn’t a skill crucial to coding, but suspected in some ways it was. Mike was a truly superior being in my book.


The event was informative. I was happy to see that problem solving is a key aspect of coding. I went to understand the basics of programming and how programmers think because I frequently work with them in my capacity as a writer and creative project manager. Now I felt that this not only helped me better understand those things, but also opened up some ways I could contribute to these projects.


Gabe, who is in charge of this Iron Yard, gave us a very impressive tour after the event. The space was nice, the curriculum sounded very useful, and the networking contacts appeared invaluable. But nothing was as impressive as Mike reciting the names of at least 30 people he met briefly at the front of his presentation!


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