Why culture is your company’s single most important asset. by Jann Sabin


If you’re in business, you’ve probably come upon articles recently that talk about the importance of culture.

If you’re small, you might think it doesn’t apply to you. If you’re big, you might think you already “do” culture. No matter what your size, you might agree that culture is a nice concept, but today you have to worry about sales, or innovation, or just growth in general.

So, let’s table culture for a moment and address your immediate concerns starting with sales. You might have a weekly motivation meeting, or maybe the sales team attended a webcast, or even an off-site team-building event. Everyone was pumped. But that wore off by the following week. Same for encouraging people to use their imagination toward creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. Some short-term attention was paid, but then it was back to business as usual. The way to make business as usual a strong competitive asset, is a culture that enables actions customers care about. Truly, I think it’s the only way.

The single most  important thing about culture is, it never wears off.  It doesn’t go away. It’s there every day, and it has a huge impact on everything that matters to every business. Every business has a culture, even if they don’t know what it is, or nurture and promote it. Look at any business right now that’s dominating their space.  What’s unique about them?  I bet it’s their culture.

For a longer discussion of this concept and how to make it work as a competitive advantage, see this.

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